Comic Muse and Guinness
Some of the Creations of My Bard, Anitra

bard: ancient word meaning "abject slave of a muse"

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The Emotional Olympics


Morning Coffee
in which Anitra throws herself at a sequitur and misses
Down Again!
taking on folk music and computers at the same time
Earth Turns
a revenge fantasy
a child's view of grownups
Homeless Declaration of Independence
Fourth of July, the Sequel
Keeping the Keys
how Anitra learned to, from Dr. Seuss
The Newt Is Too Much With Us
moving my Classical Parodies home
If Shakespeare Had PMS
more Classical Parodies
a sickeningly sweet sonnet
Song for Wes
a Gilbert&Sullivan parody
a first-line challenge

Some of My Adventures in Ghostletters   Further Adventures in Ghostletters

RECENT  Overcommitment Anonymous     Life Addicts Recovery Program
12 Step Recovery for Majordomo Users      Compulsive Humorist's Twelve-Step Program

A Modern Psalm        On Risk (Ch. 1, V. 1)        On Risk: (Ch 1, V 2)        Someday I'll... poem        The Petition

* Happy Birthday Card        The Quest of Orzul        Self-Help Santa

Red Tape Come Again No More        Seattle Jabberwalk

Hephilia Nostrum Lectures the Wives Club, NIMBY Pride Week, 1998

The Quality of Insult Is Not Strained        How Cute is Wes

"It's All for Me Web"        Forty Categories of Modern Poetry        An Example of certain Open Mic styles

* Matriarchal Humor        * Anitra and Thalia: to help clear up, or perhaps increase, any confusion

 * More

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