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October Harvest

Many people are about to eat a lot of pumpkin.

Very few jack-o-lanterns get recycled into pie. Very few of the pumpkins sold at roadside stands during this season seem to get eaten, at all. Most of the pumpkin baking is apparently done with cans of prepared pumpkin puree, the pumpkin from the farmer's market sitting in the middle of the table as decoration. But just in case you've never had anything made with fresh pumpkin, this is some of what you've been missing.

Baked Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a squash, and makes a great and nutritious side vegetable. Cut into serving-sized squares, arrange on a cookie sheet, and bake at -- approximately --. .Melt butter on them while they're hot.

Optional additions:
Crumbled bacon
Chopped onions or chives
Honey or brown sugar

Oven-Roasted Harvest Vegetables

Cube a mixture of vegetables, coat with olive oil and herbs, bake in the oven in a shallow layer in an open casserole dish or deep cookie sheet.

Use whatever ingredients you have, but these are some that are good:

Salt & Pepper too :)

Potatoes, especially Klondike (yellow potatoes)
Sweet potatoes or yams
Lots & Lots of garlic :)

Pumpkin Curry

I have a basic curry recipe: a vegetable, some rice, a bit of coconut milk, and curry powder to taste. Dice up fresh raw pumpkin, stir-fry with olive oil (or peanut oil or sesame oil, if you have it), mix with your favorite curried rice.




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