StreetWrites Halloween Group Poems

StreetWrites writers workshop greets you on Halloween, Samhain, All Hallow's Eve, October 31st, Trick Or Treat Day! Dancing with the shadows,
every day should be a day of pretending,
In the darkness, think with malice,
OK all you ghost and ghouls,
I don't want to write a line -- go away!
The bats burbling through fog encrusted night
Visiting demons, dragons & zombies are all partying for 24 hours and it's OK!

skull] Death whispering of her dark secrets
Goblins & Witches make pacts with the Devil who hisses Damnation upon their souls
Ghosts of trick or treat past feet crunching on sidewalks children's voices smell of candy sticky fingers
Banshees howl fruitlessly through the night
I have less to say than last time -- GO AWAY!
Halloween is a holiday that is misrepresented and crooked; that's why this nation's continental backbone needs a chiropractor

[ghost] Wind blowing
Graveyard worms maggots skulls finger bones dirt spirits restless between two worlds stuck
Stuttering fluttering papers like gutter-ghosts
Halloween should be celebrated on the Internet since we all sound like a bunch of studdering computers
Will you please GET OFF MY BACK!!!

[bat] Pulse, respiration and the spinal column are the energetic pathways to Halloween's evil.
Homeless Halloween housewife flying along on a broomstick brushing dust bunnies of meatball dinners and dirty laundry across the airways of Seattle.
Ghosts, witches and Frankensteins wander down unlit streets to ring doorbells -- "Trick or Treat. Do you have anything that will rot my teeth?"
Wimbling and wambling witches and warlocks are whispering wetly of whim-whams and wolves
It's Halloween -- Whoopty-friggin-do.

Each line written by a separate poet who doesn't see the rest of the lines until it's done.

Contributing poets:
Anitra Freeman, Tom Kubick, Michael Sloan, Storm, Wes Browning, Ruth Fox, Marcia Benjamin
Michael Sloan, Luis Garcia, Mona Johnson, Ruth Fox, Wes Browning, Larry Sims
Jan A., Mona Johnson, Anitra Freeman, Larry Sims, Wes Browning
Larry Sims, Mona Johnson, Jan A., Anitra Freeman, Wes Browning

StreetWrites says "Happy Halloween, Samhain, All Hallow's Eve, October 31st, Trick Or Treat Day!"
From ghosties and ghoulies
and long-legged beasties
and things that go bump in the night,
Dear Lord preserve us!

Wes says, "Halloween! Bah, Humbug!"

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