Fantasy research

Introduction to Fantasy
Myths & Legends
The Encylopedia Mythica
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From librarian Dennis K. Lien: "Chockful of all of those literary and other references that a reasonably educated 1890s bloke would want to have at his/her mental fingertips." Which, it often seems, most of modern fantasy is based on.
The Wild Hunt
Folklore and Mythology E-texts
Links to Fairytales, Stories, Myths and Legends
Faerie Lore and Literature
Includes a searchable Faerie Dictionary
Norse mythology
Encyclopedia of the Celts
Arthurian Legend
Robin Hood Links
The Tam Lin Pages
Mystical WWW
The Lucky W Amulet Archive
A folkloric resource that contains hundreds of interlinked pages describing and illustrating amulets, talismans, and lucky charms from around the world and all eras.
The Guide to Unbiological Species
Many, many Dragon links in the webring on my page Thalia Muses on Dragons.
The Literary Gothic
Resources and links for classic supernatural fiction
Jabberwocky in translations
Expand your folklore library at the Folklore Bookstore.
Wander through literary and mythological allusions in The Commonwealth of Letters by John Myers Myers.

Historical research

ORB Online Reference Book For Medieval Studies
Resources for Medieval Studies
World History Association
Gateway to World History
HNSource: The History Link
H-NET Information
Labyrinth: Medieval Studies
History and Historiography
American and British History Resources
NetSERF (Medieval stuff)
Medieval and Renaissance Fact and Fiction