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The Critters Writers Workshop
In this context, "sf" means "speculative fiction" -- science fiction, fantasy, supernatural horror, etc.
For discussion of science in speculative fiction -- already published (or shown), or yet to be written.
Canadian sf discussion.
Australian sf discussion.
French-language sf discussion.
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Largest, and worth reading for the FAQS (posted weekly) alone.
Discussion of alternate history.

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Recommended Books

Conceiving the Heavens: creating the science fiction novel
(review at the publisher's site)
by Melissa Scott
ISBN 0-435-07008-8
1997, Heinemann
How to Write Tales of Horror, Fantasy & Science Fiction
(short review at amazon.com)
edited by J.N. Williamson
ISBN 0-89879-270-3
1987, Writer's Digest Books
How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy
by Orson Scott Card
ISBN: 0898794161
1990, Writer's Digest Books (part of their "Genre Writing Series")
Writer's Complete Fantasy Reference
ISBN: 0898798663
1998, Writer's Digest Books
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's Sourcebook
Where to Sell Your Manuscripts (2nd Ed)
(review at amazon.com)
edited by David H. Borcherding
ISBN: 0898797624
1996, Writer's Digest Books
Writing fantasy fiction
by Sarah Lefanu
ISBN: 0713642602
1996, A. & C. Black (London)
Tough Guide to Fantasyland
by Diana Wynne Jones
"a thorough and witty survey of the cliches"
How to Write Horror Fiction
by William F. Nolan
(Review at amazon.com)
ISBN 0-89879-442-0
1990, Writer's Digest Books (part of their "Genre Writing Series")
Writing Horror
edited by Mort Castle and Stanley Wiater
(Review at Writers Write, also an excellent resource site)
(More reviews at Amazon.com)
ISBN: 0898797985
1997, Writer's Digest Books
Writing horror fiction
Smith, Guy N. (Guy Newman)
ISBN: 0713643390
1996, A. & C. Black (London)
How to write and sell genre fiction : (romance, mystery, adventure, horror)
Frazier-DeLoach, Nora L.
ISBN: 0964050706
1994, Rotuma Pub. Co.
Dark thoughts, on writing : advice and commentary from fifty masters of fear and suspense
Includes bibliographical references
ISBN: 188742430X
1997, Underwood Books : Distributed by Publishers Group West
Check out more book references at
Writing Science Fiction & Fantasy
Writing Science Fiction -- the titles are a little hard to read against the background -- try with images off.
Recommended Reading for Writers
Vanessa Grant Writers Bookstore
The Writer's SpaceStation
Books and Articles on Writing Fantasy
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