StreetWrites Round Robin

StreetWrites, a peer-support program of homeless and low-income writers, began an email list in 1997. The list began with only four members, all Seattle locals. On the suggestion of © Dr. Wes Browning (who now swears that he expected the rest of us to laugh the idea down) we initiated the list with a "one word at a time round robin story." This was the final result.


Once, when we teleported back too many emus, tiny aliens spat out feathers, wetly. So dampened, we sang lustily, over-adverbiously, choking, until down entered out our shorts. How free exobiology makes goosepimples radiate up our little nostril-attachments, enticing ganders. Furiously goosestepping, lascivious feathered gestapo prawns fondled everything within reach. Naturally, polyester wetsuits lured lurid loons looking languidly lost, likewise.

"Oh, littoral landscape! Lucy never ..."


"Thought enlivens starfish. Nevertheless octopi squeal sucking."


Cesspools rampaged ever nearer. Blowing canaries flapped our ducks.

"Oops!" Rather ecstatic, Lucy came.

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