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Site Fight Voting Rules:
You may vote for as many sites as you like, even in the same arena.
You may only vote once for each site, each day, from each particular ISP account.
This means that if you share a computer, with one ISP hookup, that only one vote per site per day from that hookup will count.

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Dman Dome
DancnDude's Place


This Side
Concern for the Future

That Side
Tiger 42684

The Other Side
I have no favorites this week.

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Webaholic Site of the Week

Retired (for now), But Please Visit Anyway!
Catskill Herbs 'n Spice

Cathrine's Virtual Insanity

Nature's Friend and Yours

Shotgun Jack's Home Page

Spirit Wyse

Concerned? You Should Be!

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The Valley of The White Unicorn

Lil' Umpa-Lumpa Sabrina-Shortie Short Rock Tomato Head!

The Poetry of Wolves

You've Been Wolfbaned

Laura's Homepage

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