If we had an ancient wood to play in
far away from obligations
and city-mall temptations

if I were draped in soft green,
if I swayed like a tender willow,
if I flirted from shadow to shadow

would you follow clad in hunter's green?
Would you follow as a leaping hound?
Would you follow lightly as a hummingbird?

If I saunter by you in summer rose and velvet
trailing alluring flowers
will you serenade me, Apollo in the glade?

We could tag and twist across a maze of branches
plump and playful squirrels
twirl around each other, ever-falling leaves.

I would be a white doe skimming through enchanted woods
you would be the great white hound always belling after me
then I would turn and I would be

white as bone and sleek as weasel
fast as winter
after you

I'd pounce and pin you
to the breast
of ancient and relentless Gaia

your breast bare and open to me
I would lay tiny perfect teeth

against the tender skin of your beating heart
and hold.
And after a thousand years

you'll know I love you.

Thalia's Valentines
Thursday, 17-Jan-2002 11:08:53 EST