The Joy of Easter

For all of us, of all religions, spring is a special time. The celebration of Easter is a celebration of new life. Whatever the particular meaning that this Easter has for you, I wish you new life and new joy in it.

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The special meaning of Easter for those who celebrate the renewal of life in Christ.

When He Walked In
An original poem

Yaqui Indian Easter Celebration, Phoenix AZ

He Is Risen: The Easter Page

The Easter Story from the Gospels

An Easter Poem

For those who celebrate the renewal of life in other traditions.

The Vernal Equinox: Its history and influence on Easter.

Spring Equinox: Celebrating the Seasons

Mist and Wings an Ostara poem

A Scholarly Expose of Easter
Note: The intent of this page is to argue against the celebration of Easter by Christians by detailing its roots in paganism. It may be enjoyed by pagans, however, in that it does detail a lot of history and has some excellent graphics.

For all of us, Easter has become a social tradition, with Easter egg hunts and Easter parades that can be enjoyed by all.

Easter Egg Greeting Cards from @Postcard

Easter Lilies

The Easter Egg Archive: The Net's oldest and largest archive of software "Easter Eggs".

Billy Bear's Happy Easter

Easter Seals Home Page

Pysanky - Ukranian Easter Eggs


Bunny Grenade's Easter Story of Doom

Mixed: Both Religious and Cultural Links

Easter on the Net from Holidays on the Net.

Another Holidays on the Net site: many other Easter links, of all varieties.

Easter Traditions and Origins: the origin of the Easter bunny, eggs, baskets, and other extras.

The Duke of URL St. Patrick's Day and Easter.

Hummingbird Easter Egg Greets Spring
Easter Graphics from Anitra

Other Holidays
Other Contents
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