Romantic poems, stories & links from the Muse of a creative humor.

Romance: lace, pearls, and roses.

A Creative Valentine's Day
to You and Yours
from Anitra & Her Muse

[lace and pearls]

Valentine's Day, February 14, is a day for the celebration of love. Love, however, means many things. Romance, passion, friendship, family devotion...
These are some poems and stories on all aspects of love.

[lace and pearls]

Romantic Poetry
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and Prose

Haiku for Wes

He sleeps on the office floor
while I write.
I need no Valentines.

[lace and pearls]

For Family & Friends

[lace and pearls]

Great Love Poems from Famous Poets

[lace and pearls]

Some Fun Valentine's Day Links

Valentine's Day background from
Women of Strength and Inner Beauty
Designer's Garden.
Find more fun things at their Valentine's Day Page.

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