I have suspended displaying midis until I can contact the originators for written permission.

I have known for some time that people who display "free graphic" collections haven't always obtained permission from the creators of the graphics to collect and display them.

It was recently brought to my attention that this is so for midi files, also. By the way, a midi file is not yours to give away if you "made it yourself" unless you performed the recorded music yourself. If you make a midi from someone else's music, you have to get their permission to use it on a webpage.

The one midi I am still using is Frere Jacques Variations, whose composer I know. You can get Frere Jacques Variations from Greg Spence.

I have removed the links I previously had to midi collections where copyright is unclear. I have found some sites where you can get midis that use can use with the permission of the copyright owners. I recommend that, whatever midi you use, from whatever source, that you post a link to the site you got it from, and name and link to the composer. That way anybody who questions your right to display the music can verify that you have permission.

  • The MIDI Composer's Exchange at About.com
    Composers post their original midis here for them to be downloaded by others. There are also links to composer's sites, where you can find more music.
  • Google's Original MIDI Directory
    There are a number of composers who still consider distributing MIDIs as a way of promoting their music. Remember, if you use a midi, post the name of the composer and a link back to their site!



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