(galaxy, by Wes Browning)
If I take you plunging through black void
between burning, shouting stars -
will you leave your laundry lists at home?

If we stand where singing towers
stretch crystal fingers to catch three suns,
will you drop regrets like petals on the sand?

(galaxy, by Wes Browning) If I show you where the living lava flames and flares forever
will you let your load of guilt slide in and melt?

If I take you to a planet where all live things have wings,
where fish glide above us among floating orchids in rainforest green -
will you let your fears fly free in the flood?

Walking the sands on a world that is nothing else,
will you thirst until your own heart gives you water?

(galaxy, by Wes Browning) Standing on a world that has not yet learned to hold still
under the feet of humans,
where stones get up and walk,
and soil needs no plants to breathe for it,
can you hold granite to your breast,
feel it warm
and nurse?
Can you find food
in what you feel for earth?

(galaxy, by Wes Browning) Swimming through violet sea
where scarves of purple carry us
through halls of iridescent castles,
will you dance?

Without music,
without patterns or rituals,
will you remember how, as a child,
you just

If I take you into the beating chambers of your own heart

will you know where you are?

(galaxy, by Wes Browning)
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Monday, 23-Dec-2002 21:55:30 EST