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Some More Creations of My Bards

bard: ancient word meaning "abject slave of a muse"

Control Music

NEW  Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Inanimate Objects, founded by Carl Al Currier

An Ode to Depression by Noel Coward, 1953

© Dr. Wes Browning's Christmas Wish List
Read More Wes at The Great Speckled Bird Homeless Column

Disclosure Statement Leggo My Eggo! by Storm
Read more of Storm at StreetWrites

The HMTI: Hershey's Miniatures Personality Indicator The latest in personality tests! By a learned friend of ours.

HaiKu and LowKu from StreetWrites

More Fun with Stereotypes, © Dr. Wes Browning

Commentary on Cats from Sid, Cat Executive Officer of the Real Change

More Microsoft Bashing Modern Myths and Legends

Preliminary Draft of the DSM-V Committee on Cyberdisorders
aka: Psychiatrist Bashing

Anitra and others have parodied some older bards (I like having them do that -- keeps 'em all on their toes) at Humor Lines, Literary Parody Contest

A review of one of my favorite books.

Various humor bits gleaned from the Internet

  • Some more about my relatives.
  • Some more about my bard
  • Some more about Tim Harris, Editor God of the Real Change
  • Find out how to make a slide show yourself

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