What Dragons Mean
To Me

Carlion Optional Music

dream-gold glowing
with the sun inside
emerald rich enough to satisfy
silver singing sweet as children
know that silver
is supposed to sing
rising up slowly
sliding forever
curving as softly as infinity does
bending a head
like a six-year old's fireworks
the dragon looks down with his lucid red eyes
each like a hall that a king carved of ruby
some people say dragons are shadows of angels
some say that angels are just
dragons' dreams

To me, the dragon has always been a symbol of the creative fire inside. Dragon Pending

In my personal mythology the interpretation of the archetypal image of dragon guarding golden hoard and armored hero opposing dragon is: the dragon guards the treasures of human creative spirit against the destructive side of human nature -- the "thug on horseback". Mother of Dragons

All three of the above poems imply the dangerous quality of dragons along with their beauty, vitality and wisdom. The lifeforce, the creative spirit itself, is just such an ambiguous, multiply-edged force.

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Saturday, 23-Nov-2002 01:11:30 EST