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All of the pages in this directory were created by Anitra Freeman (under the influence of Thalia) but some are in other domains, because Thalia is very inspiring and Anitra is very manic. When a webpage of ours is outside of this domain, it will sometimes open in a separate window so that you can get back to this directory by closing that window. If you find this annoying, please forgive us -- too many other people found it annoying, getting lost.

What Is Fantasy?

60 Years of Science Fiction

Fantasy Tour
Poems & Stories from Anitra
New Stories

Some Formative SF

Fantasy Books

SFFBooks Discussion List

Humorous Fantasy

Musing on Terry Pratchett

Fantasy Movies

A Toast to Spider Robinson

Resources for Fantasy Writers

Musing on Orson Scott Card

Thalia Muses on Dragons

Musing on Chad Oliver

Fantastic Female Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors

Theological Themes in SF

Musing on John Christopher

Thalia's Bookstore

Unstereotyped Fantasies

Filk Singing

Homelessness in Fantasy and Science Fiction

Interview with Amy Thomson, Virtual Girl

The Homeless Handmaid's Tale

Fantasy Art from StreetLife Gallery

Unstereotyped Fantasy Novels

Annotated guide to Silverlock and The Commonwealth of Letters

Reviews of Space Merchants, ((FREQUENCIES)), and Alien Child

Behind the Throne by Martin Dougherty

Is Horror Literature?

SF/Fantasy Webrings

The Unicorn Pen
Post your own poems and stories

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