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Short Prose

* Round Robin Fantasy
* Bus Shelters
* Notes from the Pole
* Dust Bunny Rights!
* Frompers! (CH 1)
* On Risk (Ch. 1, V. 1)
* On Risk: (Ch 1, V 2)
* Morning Coffee
* Morning Is Broken
* Duck!
* The Petition
* Frompers! (CH 2)


* Little Monsters
Third Millennium
* Self-Help Santa
* Orzul
* Benvert

Humorous Poems

* Cat Notes
* LowKu
* Cute
* Lacroix's
* Earth Turns

Poems with Humor

* Someday I'll...
* Heartland
* Heroines
* Another Night

Special Interests

* AFPfilk


* The Binch That Stole Tuesday
originally from the Dave&Geri Show; credited elsewhere to Rob Suggs

I hope that poem seems as positive to you as it does to me. My featuring it here does not constitute an endorsement of hatred toward all men in turbans. September 11 Activism Page.

Previous Features **

Grandfather's Eye


The Quest of Benvert

SPCIO: Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Inanimate Objects

My Mother's Feathers

Emotional Olympics

The HMPI: Hershey's Miniatures Personality Indicator

Satire & Parody

* Matriarchal Humor
* NIMBY Pride Week
* Homeless Declaration
  of Independence
* Bad Habits
* Ghostletters
* Overcommitment Anon.
* 12 Step Recovery for
  Majordomo Users
Life Addicts Recovery
Compulsive Humor 12Step
* A Modern Psalm
* Red Tape Come Again
  No More
* It's All for Me Web
* Down Again!
* Seattle Jabberwalk
* Insult
* How Cute is Wes
* The Newt
* Dr. Seuss's Keys
* Assault on Edna
* Recuerdo/Ricardo
* Modern Poetry
* Open Mic

Items become Features when a lot of people write in to say they liked them. Nominate a feature?

* Bound for Valparaiso
* E-Exorcism
* Leggo My Eggo!
* HaiKu and LowKu
* An Ode to Depression
* Christmas Wish List
* Fun with Stereotypes
* Commentary on Cats
* Literary Parody

Gleanings from
the Net

There are many writings circulated around the Internet without credit to the originators. I will try to post them here with credit.

Poems by Literary Cats

Microsoft Bashing
  * Lost Star Trek Script
  * New Microsoft Product
  * Microsoft Acquires US
  * Microsoft Acquires God
Psychiatrist Bashing
Writer Bashing
  * Worst Ads
  * Worst Headlines
  * Worst Analogies
  * Worst Country Songs
  * Memorable Quotes
  * How you should do it,
   when you become
   an Evil Overlord.

* If God Had a Computer
Why Did the Chicken
  Cross the Road?
  the definitive collection

* Error-Message Haiku

Book Reviews

Confederacy of Dunces
Humorous sf/fantasy
Humorous mystery books

Humor Workshop

* My Favorite Humorists
* The Humorist List
* The Unicorn Pen
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