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(control the music here, love)

I'm not currently playing, but please go cheer for my team. Vote Here!

Yes, it's Fun! Thalia, the Muse of Comedy played the Site Fights.

No, I didn't enter any boxing matches -- the Site Fights are a friendly game in which sites compete against each other for the best of all awards -- the votes of you, the viewers. In the process we all promote and cheer each other on and make a lot of friends.

Some of the friends I made in the Site Fights:

He said, Chi said


Catskill Herbs 'n Spice

Concern for the Future

Tiger 42684

Cathrine's Virtual Insanity

Nature's Friend and Yours

Shotgun Jack's Home Page

Spirit Wyse

Concerned? You Should Be!

Tipi's Retreat

Richard Larson's Cyberland

Jenneh's Domain

Amanda Lane


Meg's Place

The Valley of The White Unicorn

Lil' Umpa-Lumpa Sabrina-Shortie Short Rock Tomato Head!

The Poetry of Wolves

You've Been Wolfbaned

Laura's Homepage

I got a Fairy Kiss!
Fairy Kiss Award
From ~^ * Fairy Starlite * ^ ~

And a fairy companion of my own (fairy piping) from fellow Muse and fairy-in-training Kythera Ann.

And now, on its own special page, a Spirit Page Award from Lady "La Petite Fe'erique" -- and our Ringmasters Team Spirit Award -- and my GoldenSuspendA award!

*My supporters include the Bardic Fellowship at StreetWrites and StreetLife Gallery and Real Change. Even Wes Browning has been ... inveigled into this. His Muse Cindy, of course, is my sister, which meant he really   didn't have any choice in the matter.

(Dchamps passing the Spirit Stick)I hope "we" will include many of you, loyal to the spirit of Comedy that makes all things bearable -- even activist-organization meetings and City Attorneys. Encourage humor in life! Save the Frompers! Make Cindy happy! Vote for Ringmasters!

Vote! at the Site Fights!
Once a day (and only once!) for each site you like, from an individual ISP account (if you are sharing a family, school, office or library computer, only one vote counts :( )

Also post your cheers (words only) to Shout It Out!

Site Fights Approved by DPatrol
Surf the Site Fights --
"Where they're fighting for fun,
and friendship's begun."

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